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Marketing & Strategic Planning

We specialize in trailblazing campaign creation (For profit, Non-profit and Public Benefit Companies - Multiple Industries), statistic / market analysis, research, and development. We provide the data our clients need so that they will know “who, where, and when” to have the most effective campaign.

Cross Promotions
Cross promotions assist in developing partnerships and marketing opportunities, such as joint ventures and retail tie-in’s to “stretch” the reach and awareness of promotional effectiveness.  We also involve our clients in high-profile events and social gatherings for outgoing and ongoing possibilities.

Media Buying / Product Placement
We methodically position the visibility of advertisements and products to maximize the return on media dollars by selecting prime outlets and incorporating influential promotional opportunities.  We are constantly extending our network of relationships to provide additional cross-promotions, media, and unique outlets for our clients.

Mobile Media – Wrapped Vehicles
There has never been a more cost efficient or superior method to promote your idea(s).  Custom vehicle wraps will maximize your brand identity, raise awareness and establish an image that stands out above the competition. This is a powerful means of marketing and promotions that targets the everyday lifestyles of your consumers. Wrapped vehicles provide your company with major exposure in areas many entities don’t focus on or simply neglect.  Any and every rush hour, traffic-jam, popular hangout, park, special event, concert, nightlife district, and business complex can be reached with this progressive means of marketing.

Guerilla Marketing and Organic Marketing
Live advertising (street teams) serves as the front line of the guerilla marketing campaigns on the streets, on campus and at day-to-day lifestyle locations.  Our goal is to gain maximum visibility through walking billboards and physical distribution of branded “keep sakes.”  We also reach the public through “Direct Marketing” materials such as CD / DVD’s, download cards, flash drives, postcards, mailers, flyers, and promotional items sent directly to our extensive database of media, press, celebrity, VIP, and targeted contacts.

Radio Promotions (Live or Internet)
Speaks Volumes Marketing has personal relationships with the major radio stations in the Greater Philadelphia / South Jersey Region. The listening audience is 5+ million and growing, and it includes every music genre.  There are several kinds of advertising opportunities: 60 second commercials, primetime and off hours, On-air personality endorsements, sponsorship of special segments, live announcements, digital audio/video streaming ads, and online commercials.  We can also schedule on-air interviews and meet and greets. We have the ability to provide advertisements at any station; locally, regionally and nationally.  

           Cross Promotions & Contests
           Meet & Greets / Tastemakers
           Bi-Weekly customized report
           On-Air Interviews

           Cross Promotions & Contests

Radio Tours
Speaks Volumes Marketing targets radio outlets for size, region and format.  Radio Media Tours are set up with various radio outlets including: "national networks, nationally syndicated shows, regional radio networks, statewide radio networks, college and local radio stations in the country's top markets.”

Retail Promotions
Speaks Volumes Marketing services retail locations with P.O.P. (point of purchase) product as well as managing pricing and positioning of current project(s). We obtain and maintain personal relationships with retail managers. We prepare bi-weekly activity reports for review of retail feedback as well as performance and progress reports of the project. Speaks Volumes Marketing establishes cooperative promotion, cross-retail promotion and niche promotion to involve retail promotion activities.  


  • Cooperative promotion activities focus attention on a cluster of stores in the same category that can be promoted together.Cooperative promotion is effective in generating customer traffic during otherwise slower periods.       

  • Cross-retail promotion activities group businesses with complimentary goods in a single retail event or coordinated display. Cross-retail promotions can be used to bring new customers to a district and to encourage those in the district  to patronize additional businesses.         

  • Niche promotion activities target specific consumer groups through the distribution of flyers, coupons, posters,  download cards, and/or media advertisements.

Retail Tours: we will provide;
Strategic Marketing and Consulting
Business & Product Development
Brand Awareness
Customer Profiling
Promotional Planning
Project Management
Reports, Research & Published Articles
Statistics & Analysis
Marketing Audits & Reports

Promotional Product
We can assist your company with customized design, production, duplication and distribution of:
CD / DVD’s / Download Cards
Flash Drives
Flyers / Posters / Doortags / QR Codes
Laminates / Badges
Displays and Kiosks
Brochures & Catalogs
Logos, T-Shirts, etc
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