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​​​​​​Creative Writing and Design

Speaks Volumes Marketing can create virtual and hardcopy press kits, one-sheets, portfolios, presentations, proposals, biographies, discographies, pitch letters, business plans, sponsorship packages, resumes, etc.   Our talented and creative team will manage every aspect of your ideas: from conception, to design, to distribution.  We will develop promotional material and brand imagery that differentiates you from your competitor with our state of the art eye-catching graphics and memorable written materials.  Almost anything that has a canvas for us to create works of art on will be expressed.

Media and Editorial Outreach

We will distribute your written and/or designed product to our extensive network of contacts in an assortment of media channels. We will accomplish this by sending your marketing message and promotional materials through a mixture of publicity vehicles including but not limited to:

Social Networking: creation of custom-designed profiles on social networking sites like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and several other sites pertinent to the client’s demographic(s) and niche market(s). 

Web Forum Outreach / On-line Street Teams: Online street teams assist with researching and identifying which forums are relevant for the client and their industry. We will build credibility on these forums, post content and comments in the client’s voice and maintain follow-up on interaction within these networks. Online marketing initiatives are to create a buzz on the Internet via message boards, emails, banners, tweets, viral videos and website traffic.

Blogging: we will reach out to influential bloggers in specific niches, seeking out mentions, plugs, or stories to promote products, services, or events aimed at increasing search engine rankings.

Creation and Maintenance of Viral Video Campaigns: We will create a viral campaign by conceptualizing relevant videos, designing a channel profile, uploading and tagging the videos with keywords, developing subscriber lists, friends, channel favorites, and maintaining interaction within these networks.

Submission of Events/News to Online Promotional Sites: promote upcoming or current events to calendars, listings, or editorials to increase online visibility. 

Digital / Online Media: Interactive Omni-Channel - Multi-Media Marketing

Digital / Online promotional campaigns include, but are not limited to:

  • Cross Platform Marketing
  • Big (Intelligent) Data - Analytics and Statistics
  • QR Codes, Near Field Communications, 

          BLE - Blue Tooth Low Energy, Beacon and iBeacon

  • Contactless Intelligence, Anonymous Video Analytics
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Geo-Fencing, Proximity/Location Based Marketing
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
  • Digital Fundraising
  • Applications
  • Display and Video Advertising
  • Affiliate, Influencer, Native and Narrative Marketing
  • Customer Centric Content Marketing
  • Secondary Screen (TV and Movie) Marketing
  • Author Platforms, Virtual Book and Blog Tours
  • Facebook and Twitter Virtual Parties
  • Podcasts, Webinars, Slideshare Presentations
  • Online Street Teams
  • Et cetera

Event Planning & Production

Utilization of our relationships with promoters and venue

owners will create event opportunities to engage live audiences.

We understand the importance of professionalism and attention

to all details in event planning. We provide: 

  • Brand Ambassadors
  • Campaign & Event Creation

          and Production

  • Press Coverage/Conferences
  • Sponsorship Packages
  • Gift Bag Fulfillment
  • Invitations and VIP coordination
  • Etc...

Administration Services                        

For Any Company

  • Name Registration
  • Filing of Business License
  • Filing of Federal EIN Number
  • Filing of Articles of Incorporation
  • Formation of Operating Agreement
  • Corporate Seal and Certificates
  • Accounting and Financial 
  • S & C Corporations, Public Benefit Corporations,

          LLC's, Partnerships, Non-profits, Sole Proprietorships

Media Measurement / Tracking

Our clients are kept informed of the progress of active campaigns

via weekly or bi-weekly reports, conference calls and/or meetings.  

Photos, video and feedback will also be provided (if applicable).

Timely communications are imperative to analyze marketing

effectiveness  and outline what could be accomplished in the days to come.

We will maintain relationships with pertinent connections to continuously

update our client’s current activities and future pursuits.

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